• Image of Joseph and Yusra Issue 16

Rating: Teen
Pages: 24

The story of a Muslim girl, named Yusra and Jewish boy, named Joseph, who become friends. They discover they can speak to each other through telepathy and maintain their friendship throughout the years. However there is some strange power related to their telepathy, which brings some unexpected danger. A story story of friendship, love, religion

Issue 16: Mary knows Yusuf is up to something sneaky and decides to stalk him as he's making deliveries. Well it's not sneaking if you declare out loud that you're following someone.
Meanwhile Yusra and girl's go out and pick outfits for the masquerade.

Draw 2 fan-art images, (in color) of Yusra with any of her girl band friends in the same picture, then upload them anywhere on the web (Deviantart,Tumblr etc.) and get this book free Contact me with all the links.