As a promo you can submit fanart of Joseph and Yusra and get free stuff. 


  • Must be in color
  • Each book has it's own requirements
  • Make them look really nice for me *w*
  • Must upload them on the internet somewhere such as: Deviantart

Then contact me with the links :D and I'll see if you qualify.

image Joseph & Yusra Issue 1: Joseph and Yusra as kids (x2) 

imageJoseph & Yusra Issue 14: Joseph and Yusra (x2)

imageJoseph & Yusra Issue 15: Mary and/or Yusuf (x2)

image Joseph & Yusra Issue 16: Yusra with any of her rock band friends (x2)

imageJoseph & Yusra 17: Masquerade related fanart (x2)
imageJoseph & Yusra 18: Mary or Yusuf fanart (x2)

imageMuna's Story: Muna (x2)